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Please free to come and contact us if you need to know the quality, price and the right products to meet your needs.


Our Products:


We aim to become the market leader in machinery and systems related to agricultural, industrial, marines, etc by offering a wide range of quality products designed to meet and exceed customer expectation and satisfaction.


By continuously providing high quality products and services in a rather efficient and effective way we will achieve customer satisfaction.

Fa. Alaoe Tappareng & Corperation's was established on 6th May 1966 in South Celebes Province, Makassar City.


To maximize the satisfactions of our clients in using our products and continues benefits from it, we also sell & have the ready stock for the genuine spare parts & always recommend to our clients to use the genuine parts.


Additionally, we believe that every successful organization should reach comparable customer satisfactions. Therefore, we aim to exceed our customer expectations by investing in marketing skills within ours and our customer's organization.

We do place a high degree of trust in our partnerships and build on solid teamwork. We can trust on the continuous effort everybody takes in order to keep the Yanmar products the best you can get.

Some 70 years ago, diesel was virtually limited to use in stationary engines or in trucks. Today, agriculture can use shovel loaders for handling soil or manure, etc.

History of Fa. Alaoe Tappareng & Co

It was established on 6th May 1966 in South Celebes Province, Makassar City and has been in business for over 54 years and focuses on selling Yanmar's products.Our field of activity is agricultural, marine, industrial, generating sets and water pump products and our goal is to provide customers with the best solution to meet their needs.

  • Yanmar Small Agricultural
  • Yanmar Big Agricultural
  • Hartech Diesel Genset
  • Petro Canada oil and lubricant
  • Monteers lubricant
  • HSE solar heater
  • Yamagen Generator
  • Spare part